Welcome to the News section - this page will be updated regularly with brief snippets of information about what's going on with the High Street heritage Action Zone project. (HAZ) in North Walsham's town Centre. We will try to keep local people, businesses and visitors updated - but please also check our Facebook page @haznorthwalsham for updates as well. 

Snap Shot News Updates 

Cedars Building

We are delighted to announce that after a robust tender process  we have appointed a main contractor who will carry out the refurbishment of the Cedars Building. The contractor is a local company called Medieval Masonry who have worked on a number of historic building projects. 

We will be updating regularly once the project gets going with snapshots of information and images - watch this space! Within a short space of time this building will be ready to welcome potential tenants. For more information click here

Church Approach - Shambles Slope

We are moving from a consultation phase to a construction phase and Phase 1 will be the Church Approach area (Shambles slope.) Work here will start at the end of February. Local people will see contractors on site removing the existing paving and building the new retaining walls and seating areas. We are very excited that work here is starting and we look forward to being able to use this location in the summer months! for more information on our capital works programme click here

Bus Interchange

Key pieces of prep work that needed to happen on New Road site have now been finalised. These included the necessary tree canopy raising, and trail bus runs to check layouts and successful entrance and exit strategies.  These have all been completed and the plan finalised. Letters detailing the plans, including traffic management details have been issued to approx 6,000 households and businesses. Work starts on 25th April 2022 and will last for approx. 8-10 weeks. 

Works Compound 

Inevitably there will be some disruption around the town as work begins in earnest. We welcome our contractors Tarmac on site and they will be establishing  a compound on the Vicarage Street Car Park for the duration of the work. We hope that people will bear with us during this time and we will aim to keep any disruption to a minimum. 

Blog Post Feb 2022


Bus Interchange Plan

Cllr Richard Kershaw outside works compound

We hear from Cllr Richard Kershaw outside the works compound and from Joe Warburton from Historic England as one of our key funders.