Consultation Feedback

From the very start of the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) project the intention has always been to provide an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime regeneration project to improve the town centre in North Walsham.

Highlighted Summary of the Highways Changes.

The table below shows how the proposals compare to the existing situation from the point of view of the various town centre users.

For more detailed information on the proposed highway changes and our responses to the issues raised, please read the section further down this page.

"You said, we did"

During our Highways consultation via our online surveys and face-to-face sessions, there were a few key questions that were raised.  The section below is a list of the frequently asked questions and some of the solutions and mitigations that we have aiming to offer. Please browse below to read them. 

You were concerned about: Accessing car parks to the rear of buildings where carriageways are proposed to be narrowed.

We aim to: 
Provided tapered driveways that increase the space for vehicles to turn in/out of private access points.

You were concerned about: Donation drop off to charity shops on Church Street and movements in/out of Church Street/Hall Lane.

We aim to: 
Retain the existing carriageway width (at the junction with Hall Lane) to accommodate a loading bay, whilst still widening footways to the north and south.

You were concerned about: The impact of additional traffic on other alternative routes, including the two mini-roundabouts on Grammar School Road and the A149/Norwich Road traffic signals.

We aim to: 
Complete surveys of existing vehicular and pedestrian movements on weekday and Thursday (market day) and capacity assessment work are being completed to inform the final scheme. Additional funding has been obtained for improvements to some of the junctions identified as having capacity issues – further details of these schemes to be obtained

You were concerned about: The impact of additional traffic on Kings Arms Street and associated pedestrian/cyclist/mobility scooter safety.

We aim to: 

Introduce measures to manage the increases in traffic, reduce speeds (reinforce 20mph speed limit) and source additional funding to improve space for pedestrians

You were concerned about: Pedestrian direction signage to encourage use of the Lokes to access the town centre to/from the south, over Kings Arms Street.

We aim to: 

Review the wider directional signage and to deter unnecessary journeys through the town centre

You were concerned about: The plans to have raised crossings that are level with the pavement but are used by vehicles. Particularly those with sight issues.

We aim to: 

Ensure that pedestrian crossing areas, although level with the footway, have tactile paving, with kerbing to either side, plus other edging treatment, that is detectible to the visually impaired. Also there will be detectable edging at the back of parking/loading laybys and bollards added around crossing areas. 

You were concerned about: Loading / unloading outside McColls. Also those vehicles waiting to turn right onto Yarmouth Road would prevent through traffic if approach to Yarmouth Road/New Road was reduced to a single lane.

We aim to: 

Retain existing kerbline and two lane entry, with space allocated for loading/unloading so as not to restrict through traffic. 

You were concerned about: Amended kerblines at Church Street/Market Place junction could lead to vehicles overrunning the new footway area.

We aim to: 

Have tighter radii to physically enforce no right turn.  Increased radii and wider carriageway for left turn plus add bollards to protect pedestrian crossing waiting areas.

You were concerned about: How will through traffic be reduced through the Market Place?

We aim to: 

Make the Market Place pedestrian friendly, except for loading, disabled badge holders and to access residential parking and the church

You were concerned about: The people who have mobility issues but are not eligible for disabled badge. They will no longer be able to pop in to use the shops and businesses.

We aim to: 

Provide free 1 hr parking spaces in Bank Loke and Vicarage Street Car Parks. These are located 1-3 minute average walk from the centre of Market Place and will be free for 30 minutes longer than currently permitted in the on-street spaces in Market Place.  There will be 8 spaces in each car park to replace the 15 short stay (30min) parking spaces removed from Market Place.

You were concerned about: Changes to the Market Place with no vehicle access or parking for anyone including disabled badge holders

We aim to: 

Retain disabled parking in the Market Place. Allow vehicles to access to residential premises, the church and for deliveries/loading at all times. Through traffic between 4pm and midnight.

You were concerned about: Enforcing loading restrictions (and parking).In particular around loading and how this will be policed. The loading bay opposite PACT, which is proposed to be the bus stop. This is currently and frequently used illegally throughout the day for ‘pop in’s’ and short stay parking.

We aim to: 

Provide feedback to Kings Lynn Council, who are contracted to enforce parking restrictions in the town. 

You were concerned about: Businesses not always having control over the timing of deliveries and the size of vehicles used

We aim to: 

Following extensive engagement with businesses in the town centre to understand their exact requirements, we are revising the proposals to allow all day deliveries /loading in the Market Place

Town Centre Highways - Visual Plan

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